• frontend - JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS
  • backend - Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • tools - vi, Textmate, RSpec, Git, SQLite3, Bootstrap, Heroku


Student - Dev Bootcamp

[San Francisco, CA | October 2012 - December 2012]

  • More than 500 hours hands-on coding experience at intensive web developer course focused on Ruby/Ruby on Rails including JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS using contemporary tools like Git, GitHub, Gems, Textmate, vi, Heroku
  • Professional work environment based on pair-programming, TDD (RSpec) and exploring and improving meta skills
Middle School Teacher - NMS Himberg

[Himberg/Wien, Austria | September 2000 - September 2011]

  • Taught subjects: Math, Visual Arts, Information Technology, History
  • Responsible for school website and network
  • Worked with children on international projects (Comenius) and for the Ministry of Education of Austria to explore more effective ways to teach children
  • Substituted for the Headmaster of my school and organized school events, such as a language week in Great Britain for a group of over 90 students
IT Instructor - Ibis Acam

[Eisenstadt, Austria | August 2003 - September 2003]

  • Taught unemployed adolescents how to use Linux and Windows
  • Helped elderly people study for the ECDL (European Computer Driving License)
Substitute Teacher - VS Gramatneusiedl

[Gramatneusiedl, Austria | December 1999 - September 2000]

  • elementary and special schools surrounding Vienna


Independent Coursework

[San Francisco, CA | September 2011 - present]

City College of San Francisco

[San Francisco, CA | January 2012 - May 2012]

  • Introduction to Linux/Unix
Pädagogische Hochschule Baden

[Baden/Wien, Austria | September 2002 - September 2004]

Network and System Administration for Schools

  • Linux and Windows Networks, Perl, Hardware
Pädagogische Hochschule Baden

[Baden/Wien, Austria | October 1996 - October 1999]

Bachelor's Degree, Secondary Education and Teaching

  • Subjects: Math and Visual Arts


Black Jack (April 2012)


The last challenge from Codecademy about JavaScript inspired me to build this app. After finishing it I decided that I want to become a professional Web Developer.

Languages and Tools:

JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS

Quizzer (working title) (current project)



This learning tool is meant as a help for a class to have a collection of questions for each lesson. The teacher initializes a quiz and can contribute one question with multiply choice answers. During or at the end of the lesson each student finds one question - something he or she wants to remember - and adds it to the quiz. The teacher unlocks the quiz and the students can take it. The idea is for the teacher to know what was interesting for the students and how many of them need more help. The students on the other hand can reflect on the lesson, what helps them to put the knowledge into their longtime memory.

Languages and Tools:

Ruby on Rails, jQuery, HTML, CSS, RSpec

Verbza (current project)

Other Team Members:


This project was our final project at Dev Bootcamp. The scenario for which we created this app is that the user is for example in a bar and hears a new foreign word he or she wants to learn. This mobile first app allows the user to save the word from his phone and let him or her take a picture to have a personal association with the word.

Languages and Tools:

Ruby on Rails, jQuery, JavaScript, jQuery mobile, Paperclip, HTML, CSS, SASS, RSpec


  • German - mother tongue
  • English - fluent

About me

Since I was a child I was fascinated with computers, but my parents could not afford to buy one for me, so I spent at lot of time at my friends' houses playing games on the Commodore 64. When attending my first computer science classes at high school, I learned BASIC and Pascal and by the end of the year I won the 3rd place in a nationwide students programming contest. After high school I went to college to get my Bachelor in Education and soon afterwards started teaching math and visual arts at an Austrian middle school for 12 years. When I met my husband, who was working as a System- and Database Administrator, I studied System Administration for Schools for 2 years and had a blast learning Perl. As time went by, I forgot most of my Perl skills I learned there, but I definitely remembered the joy I experienced when programming, so I decided to leave school and Austria and started (re-)learning programming about a year ago which eventually culminated in attending DevBootcamp.

People describe me as a creative, logical, caring and social person. I'm cool under pressure, for example, I managed and organized a language week in Great Britain for a group of more than 90 students ages 13 to 15 at the end of an epidemic of chicken pocks at our school - no one got lost, no one got hurt, and I got the feedback from the organizer from Britain that he never experienced such a well behaved and easy to handle group. I take ownership for what I am doing and for the people I am working with: whether it is cleaning up the kitchen or leading my team, for example during the last three years I was a substitute for my headmaster at my school.

My favorite problems are the ones where I have to use both hemispheres of my brain. As a teacher I found this every day: sticking to the curriculum while playing around with different styles of teaching and approaches to student centered learning experiences. This is why I worked part time for the Ministry of Education in Austria. This is the main reason I fell in love with programming, because I find this challenge here in every line to solve a problem and Dev Bootcamp even increased my appetite of working in this field. I am very glad that I am one of the few that got accepted to DevBootcamp.